Tlhong Tshegofatso

Having founded my first company at the age of 11 with a group of friends, I am a keen entrepreneur who is always looking for ways to meet everyday business and individual needs. was founded after attending a local business expo; an unintended stop on my way home from the office. It was there that I came across a plethora of businesses I had never heard of, producing amazing items I wasn’t aware could be sourced locally. A journey of discovery began for me; I wanted to know what else was out there, hiding in plain sight! As I attended pop-up markets, farmers’ markets, and everything in between, my list of local suppliers grew. is the electronic version of my list. I want to build both a local and international market for our Vendors and their products. I am driven by the desire to see the many micro and small businesses gain scale and grow into meaningful national and international players; for niche manufacturers to flourish because they have a client base large enough to afford them the requisite scale to be profitable. For a long time I didn't, now I want to make sure that everyone else knows! Tshego is a Portfolio Manager by day. She has over four years’ experience in the asset management industry, specialising in business and investment analysis, as well as portfolio management. Tshego is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and avid investor in her personal capacity.

Kula Tshepo

Tshego approached me to help her establish her start up, Ziigie, at a time when I was actively pursuing employment, after leaving my previous job. I agreed to assist her as an interim gig while I job-hunted; little did I know that almost a year later I would still be here! We all have something we are meant to do, and for me, it took getting out of my comfort-zone and launching into the unknown to discover what this was., for me, is a platform where people can show off what they are capable of doing, whether young, old, or somewhere in-between! I want to deliver value for our clients that shop on the site, over and above the convenience we seek to bring them. Vetting the Vendors, their production processes and quality control measures is of utmost importance. I now wake up every day excited to help others achieve their purpose and get one step closer to attaining their goals. Tshepo is an accountant by profession. She has over 2 years’ experience in accounting and minimum experience in internal auditing. She is currently studying part time towards a professional accounting qualification, AAT.

July Chipo

The offer to join the team was a case of perfect timing; I had just completed my Form 5 examinations and was wondering what to do with all the free time I had on my hands. Tshepo approached me with an offer to help out at Ziigie as an Administration Assistant, I gladly accepted. Young and very eager to learn, I saw this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill base in a practical setting. I have been working at Ziigie since December 2016 and it continues to be an exciting, albeit steep, learning curve. I have had the privilege to meet and network with different business people; this exposure has already given me an edge over my peers and has fueled and shaped my ambition.Working with Tshego and Tshepo is more rewarding than I had imagined; they have motivated me and I look forward to starting a business of my own one day!

The Developer