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We are a pet service tailored for the owners who unfortunately do not have the time to walk their pets. For those pet-owners looking for a healthy treat for their companions (both cats and dogs), we offer a range of healthy, home-made treats. At Wiggly Wag we don’t just see dogs and cats, we see family, companions, entertainers, and sometimes body-guards; they are constant reminders that life is beautiful. Wiggly Wag was founded by Tshepo Kula; an Accounts and Operation Manager at a local Online Market place, Ziigie.com. She has over 3 years’ experience in accounting with added experience in dog walking. Her love for dogs drove her to start Wiggly Wag. Unable to have a pet of her own due to living conditions, a Pet Care business is an opportunity to interact and make a difference in the lives of our furry friends. Wiggly Wag volunteers at Botswana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA). We saw that animal interaction with humans is vital. The way the animals get excited when it’s time to walk; taking them from the familiar environment to one that needs exploring. We came to the conclusion that even animals with owners need the sort of adventure and exercise. This is why we are in to pet care. Our Mission- Our mission is to bridge the gap between busy owners and their awesome pets. We strive to help pet owners keep their pets happy no matter what. We strive from every wiggle, purr or happy gesture shown by your pets. What we offer Dog Exercise and social interaction- We believe a dog should have a happy wiggle till the end, it shows content, and it brings joy to you as a pet owner. Exercise is vital for a dog’s mental and physical wellness, it aids in reducing or eliminating common behavior problems such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity. We take dogs for walks and get them to explore different environments other than their homes. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Pet Service include and not limited to;  Dog walking  Poop scooping  Dog and cat feeding  Litter-box cleaning Home-Made Treat Offering- Nutritious home-made doggie and kitty treats for pet lovers to spoil their pets once in a while or as a simple reward. Product Offering include and not limited to;  Home-Made doggie treats  Home-Made Kitty Treats
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